About Silver Lining Goods and Carolyn Camp

Now 90% ORGANIC!!!

My name is Carolyn Camp. I began in 1998 as Verde Springs Soap Company, making all natural handcrafted soaps and body products, but have recently branched out into other areas and have a new business name. Silver Lining Goods will encompass all the things I make, soaps, body products, and ceramics. The name comes from the way I like to look at life, as in "looking for the silver lining in the clouds".

All my soaps are now 90% Organic! I also use ONLY organic sustainable sourced palm oil. Palm oil harvesting , and clear cutting, especially in Indonesia is a major contributor to deforesting the orangutan habitat . I do not purchase the palm oil that comes from those sources.

.I made my first batch of soap in 1995 using a recipe from a book found in the local library. After much trial and error and some help from friends, I came up with the recipe that would become the base for all my custom handcrafted soaps.

I began marketing these soaps at home craft sales and farmers markets. The response was positive. I have many return customers who loved the soaps and bought them for friends as well as for themselves. These products have been used and enjoyed both locally and throughout the world.

These truly natural products are vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable minimally packaged and do not contain many of the harmful ingredients that are found in commercial skin care products.

Products commonly found in commercial products are preservatives, petroleum products, FD and C colorants or dyes, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, laureth sulfate, triclosen TEA. You don’t like to eat food that contains harmful ingredients, please don’t use harmful ingredients on your body either. These ingredients are absorbed by your body and some of them are known carcinogens..

I aim to run my business in an eco friendly and socially responsible manner. This includes the use of recyclable and/or reusable shipping and packaging materials. When possible, I will re-use boxes and packaging materials from items I have received by mail, so you may end up with some random re-used boxes with original names covered. I hope that you realize this small inconsistency , while it may not be as pleasing to the eye-is helping us all in ways far more important than looks! The paper I print our labels on is made of 50% recycled paper and I hope that you will recycle them as well.