Our Program

Our CSO Experience

We are students elected by our peers in 6th to 12th grade to be liaison for
STEM and innovation in our schools and community. Our
mission is to:

Be the voice for our schools. 

Bring STEM opportunities to our peers 

Bring change to communities 

We Learn

Leadership Training Institute: Our first experience as CSOs are to go through a Leadership Training Institute that teaches us about networking, leadership development, verbal and written communication, and team building.

Cabinet Meetings and Community Events: We attend meeting and community events with business and government leaders to address community challenges as a team. improve their communication skills, increase their confidence, and share common experiences.

Mentors: We train with some of the best professionals in our area, teaming up with our SciTech Jedi Mentors. They help us to implement our ideas on campus and express their voice in the community.

We Impact

Our Schools: We work with out schools to help implement STEM on-campus plans and advocate for the student voice. 

Our Community: We foster a connection with STEM in the community by serving as our schools’ point of contact with science-based organizations can connect with schools. Our tole helps to bring these organizations to visit schools.

Our World: We participate in national and regional cabinet meetings to help raise the STEM profile of our state/city/school nationally and regionally.

Our Schools

Created by CSO's, the Casa Grande Union High School celebrated their 6th Annual SciTech Festival.

Our Community

CSOs participating in UofA event Connect2STEM event at the physics bus.

Our World

6 CSOs meet with President Obama’s Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, DC

Our Program Vision and Goals

Create a pipeline of diverse STEM leaders.

Increase communication and collaboration among CSOs.

Enrich school STEM culture and career awareness.

Increase student voice in STEM conversations in
the community.

Interested in learning more and starting your own CSO program?